Benefits of Membership

Membership Categories:

Full association membership

Is open to all companies directly involved in electric and optical fibre cable manufacturing industry in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Associate membership

Is available to manufacturers of cable accessories, companies working in microduct systems, and other manufacturers who are not directly involved in the manufacture of electric or optical fibre cable making but who are closely associated with the industry.

Membership benefits

  • To be directly involved in determining policy
  • To have access to early information
  • To exert influence


All members are represented on Council which is the principal body of the Association. It addresses issues affecting the whole industry and the operation of the Association.  At Council level members have the opportunity to resolve major all-industry issues that are brought to their attention and thus determine the Association's policy.  Through the Association the industry is far more effective in influencing the decision-makers by developing a single, powerful voice.

Representation on sectoral committees allows specific issues affecting only a part or parts of the industry  to be handled in a similar way.  At each level there is also specific technical representation.

With members having representation at all levels also ensures that all are kept informed by electronic means of a range of key developments potentially affecting the industry.

At all committee levels the British Cables Association deals only with issues that are agreed as being of concern to the whole, or a substantial part of the industry and it applies this to its operations at both national and European Levels.

Membership Application Form

Companies interested in membership should download this form.

The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) on CPR:

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) ensures consistent information is available for those who need to know by enabling the performance of construction products throughout the EU to be assessed and compared irrespective of the manufacturer or country of origin.

The Approved Cables Initiative recently launched a campaign to highlight the 'CPR' requirements - the results are expressed in a hierarchical series of classes (Aca down to Fca). Please watch the video and access our CPR page.