About Us

The British Cables Association (BCA) is the UK trade association for manufacturers of insulated metallic and fibre optic cables, wires and their accessories.



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WEEE & RoHS Information:



BCA has a professional staff and is always available to provide the latest information about the industry.


The Mission of the BCA is to represent its members on relevant major policy issues to promote the interests of UK cables and associated businesses throughout Europe and the worldwide markets and, where appropriate provides services with the objective of contributing to the commercial success of the UK cable systems industry.


BCA has a federal structure with product sectors serving the interests of those manufacturers with particular product ranges. There are currently four such sectors:

  1. Energy Cables
  2. Supertension Cables
  3. Communications Cables
  4. Power Accessories

In addition there is a group providing a forum for discussion of environmental matters.


The BCA contributes to the development of British, European and International Standards and helps publish codes of practice and guides to safe manufacturing and usage.

The Approved Cables Initiative (ACI) on CPR:

Construction Products Regulation (CPR) ensures consistent information is available for those who need to know by enabling the performance of construction products throughout the EU to be assessed and compared irrespective of the manufacturer or country of origin.

The Approved Cables Initiative recently launched a campaign to highlight the 'CPR' requirements - the results are expressed in a hierarchical series of classes (Aca down to Fca). Please watch the video and access our CPR page.